Bariatric Patients Approved for Sleeve Gastrectomy

Bariatric surgery is the term reserved for weight-loss surgeries. They include procedures like gastric bypass, lap-band, and a lesser-known procedure called a sleeve gastrectomy. It is a newer procedure that is now being approved for a larger quantity of obese individuals. Its benefits include a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure and excellent long-term results.

What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

The sleeve gastrectomy is a type of laparoscopic weight loss procedure that reduces the stomach to about 25 percent of its size. The procedure removes part of the stomach along the curvature of the stomach, therefore making it irreversible. It will permanently reduce the size of the stomach, as opposed to the gastric bypass or lap-band procedures, which can be reversed.

However, some patients do experience some dilation of their stomach later in life. The sleeve gastrectomy was originally introduced as a modification of the gastric bypass surgery since extremely obese individuals were at a greater risk. The weight loss was so successful, it became an individual procedure. It is currently considered the fastest-growing type of bariatric surgery, with a wide range of health benefits.

Success Stories

Many patients have had the sleeve gastrectomy procedure for wonderful results. Deb Creech, a previous patient, was 57 years old when she had the procedure done. At the time of the procedure, she weighed nearly 250 pounds.

In a little over a year, she had lost more than 200 pounds and was down to 115 pounds. Creech had a family history of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, leading her to want to get the procedure done. She had considered gastric bypass, but then decided she wanted a slightly larger pocket for the food to be absorbed in the body.

A New Drug Assisting the Procedure

There is now a new drug that is helping surgeons assist them in the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. It is a blood-thinning drug that helps with the surgery being performed on the upper intestine. It is currently the drug of choice at Rex Bariatric Specialists, where Dr. Lindsey Sharp recommends it to all her sleeve gastrectomy patients.

The reason many patients opt for this procedure over others is that a little more of the stomach is left for satisfying meals and less risk of nutritional deficiencies. The sleeve gastrectomy lets patients eat slightly more than with a gastric bypass procedure so that they are still feeling satisfied after their smaller meals. According to previous patients who have undergone this procedure, it has helped tremendously with losing weight and keeping it off.

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