Meet Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela's Surgical Team

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela Staff

Dr. Valenzuela and her medical team

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela and her Medical Team

Ron Elli with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela
Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela with Ron Elli, Ph.D.
Dr Valenzuela and Dr Elli - Mexico Bariatric Center
Dr. Valenzuela and Dr. Elli – Mexico Bariatric Center


The Staff of Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela

Dr. Octavio Gallardo has twenty years of experience as an Anesthesiologist. He works with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela. He has studied in the medical school of Harvard and Stanford. Dr. Gallardo is an executive of hospital Mi doctor in Tijuana. He is very friendly with patients when he visits them before surgery and receives them in the surgery room.

Dr. Miguel Angel Garcia is a new addition to Dr. Valenzuela’s bariatric surgery team. Dr. Garcia visits patients prior to the surgery and takes care of them after the surgery. He is from Tijuana and received his education and his residency in Tijuana as well.

Dr. Hector Acosta is part of the Anesthesiology team of Dr. Valenzuela in Tijuana. Dr. Acosta has over 6 years of experience with thousands of bariatric surgeries. Dr. Acosta’s past experience is with well-known surgeons like Dr. Arial Ortiz. Currently, he is with Dr. Gallardo in Dr. Valenzuela and Dr. Altamirano’s team. He graduated from the Specialty of Anesthesiologists in Tijuana and Tijuana General Hospital.