Heidi’s Amazing Success Story and Before, After Photos

My name is Heidi Mortensen. I am a nurse in Washington State. Here are my story and testimonial of undergoing bariatric surgery with Dr. Valenzuela and the Mexico Bariatric Center®.

Why I Chose Dr. V in Mexico?

Heidi 2015 Dr V gastric sleeve before afterPrior to surgery with Dr. Valenzuela, I had done a ton of research. I knew I wanted the gastric sleeve, but to get it done in my state it would have cost me $24,000 out of pocket, and that was only the doctor’s fee. That didn’t include anesthesia and hospital stay. I knew this wasn’t an option financially, so I started researching different companies in Mexico. Mexico Bariatric Center had amazing statistics regarding complications, and at a fraction of the cost.

MBC is better than any of the companies I had researched in the U.S. My surgery took place on June 18, 2014, with Dr. Valenzuela.

Heidi’s Weight Loss Surgery Testimonials, Success Story

Heidi Chris 2014 2015 Dr V gastric sleeve before afterI started this journey weighing 299.7 pounds, wearing size 28 pants, and a 4XL shirt. By 6 months out I had lost 100 pounds! At my 1 year mark (pictured) I was down 130 pounds and wearing size 8/10 pants with small shirts! I never dreamed life could be like this! I had no complications in my journey, but have gained such an amazing life!

I no longer have joint pain, I love being active, and I have so much more confidence in myself! The only regret I have is that I didn’t find MBC sooner! Since then, several of my friends and family members have had gastric sleeve surgery at MBC. I would recommend it to anyone, including my own patients! Thank you MBC for giving me a life I never even imagined to be possible!

My Husband Weight Loss Surgery

My husband Chris decided to undergo gastric sleeve after seeing how well I did. He received a vertical sleeve gastrectomy with Mexico Bariatric Center in 2015. We’ve lost about well over 300 pounds together and kept it off since the one year mark. “The start of your journey seems scary, but you won’t regret it!”

Heidi and her husband went with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela to under gastric sleeve surgery. Contact us today to learn more about our incredible results!

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