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Heidi Before, After Success Story

My testimonial: My name is Heidi Mortensen. I am a nurse in Washington State. Prior to surgery with Dr. Valenzuela, I had done a ton of research. I knew I wanted the gastric sleeve, but to get it done in my state it would have cost me $24,000 out of pocket, and that was only the doctor’s fee. That didn’t include anesthesia and hospital stay. I knew this wasn’t an option financially, so I started researching different companies in Mexico. MBC had amazing statistics regarding complications, and at a fraction of the cost.

They were better than any of the companies I had researched in the US. My surgery took place June 18, 2014, with Dr. Valenzuela. I started this journey weighing 299.7 pounds, wearing a size 28 pants, and a 4XL shirt. By 6 months out I had lost 100 pounds! At my 1 year mark (pictured) I was down 130 pounds and wearing a size 8/10 pants with small shirts! I never dreamed life could be like this! I had no complications in my journey, but have gained such an amazing life! I no longer have joint pain, I love being active, and I have so much more confidence in myself! The only regret I have is that I didn’t find MBC sooner! Since then, several of my friends and family members have had gastric sleeve surgery at MBC. I would recommend it to anyone, including my own patients! Thank you MBC for giving me a life I never even imagined to be possible!

Heidi went with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela to under gastric sleeve surgery. Contact us today to learn more about our incredible results!

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