Obesity Statistics in Canada

Obesity Statistics in Canada

Obesity StatisiticsCanada’s obesity problem is not as severe as the United States, but is still staggering. Currently, 61.1% of adult Canadians are either overweight or obese.  Rates are continuing to rise, researchers are predicting that in 2040 70% of 40-year old adults will be overweight or obese.

Researchers suggest that obesity will cost the Canadian economy roughly $4Billion (in US dollars) per year.

Currently, Canada ranks 35th on the list of fattest countries.

Childhood Obesity in Canada

Canada’s youth in 1978 was only mildly overweight or obese: 15% of children were overweight or obese. By 2007, 29% of children were overweight or obese.

One of the significant problems of childhood obesity is that most children do not outgrow their weight issues. More and more, children will grow up obese and remain overweight their entire lives.

Bariatric Surgery as a Solution to Obesity

Bariatric Surgery is an effective treatment for obesity, but it’s not meant to be a solution.  Currently, bariatric surgery is reserved as the last resort for the treatment of obesity

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