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Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela With PatientDr. Louisiana Valenzuela (Dr. V) has been an integral part of the success of thousands of patients who have done laparoscopic bariatric surgery. Dr. Valenzuela has earned an outstanding reputation worldwide thanks to so many successful weight loss surgery and excellent results. Dr. Valenzuela relates to her patients as she herself received gastric sleeve with Mexico Bariatric Center in 2016.

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela With Another PatientDr. Valenzuela leads a seasoned team of surgeons in Mexico to assure successful surgical outcomes. She is board-certified as a general surgeon as well as a bariatric board-certified surgeon. She is a highly recommended bariatric surgeon by family and friends. Dr. V is top-rated, well-reviewed by her patients in Google, ObesityHelp, Facebook, etc. View Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela’s full list of weight loss success stories.

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Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela from Mexico Bariatric Center is by far one of the best surgeons I have ever encountered.  I flew from Canada to have a revision surgery done from 1995 to vertical gastric sleeve and I am honored to have such a caring, nurturing, and skilled surgeon as Dr.  L.  Valenzuela.  Her team of doctors are the best both personality wise and surgically.

All 3 doctors visited daily to ensure I was doing well as my surgery was somewhat complex.  I felt I was more than just a patient but someone they cared about. I have never encountered doctors so attentive,  caring, and genuine.

I felt I could be myself and joke with the doctors and they would respond back in the same manner.  So amazing to see such humble doctors.

Dr. A such a sweetheart rubbing my arm as I lay on the surgical table talking to me making sure I was okay and calming me down with his presence and soft touch.  Oh not to mention he is beautiful to look at now what a Gem he is.

Thank you, DR.  V

“I had Dr. Valenzuela. Sleeved 12/06/17. For my money, Dr. Valenzuela is the best. I have a lot of information below because I believe in complete transparency and full disclosure. I read a lot of things on here that sound like they are related to surgery but on closer inspection seem to have more to do with personal responsibility and accountability post-surgery.

I picked Dr. Valenzuela based on my online research and in-person interviews. I went to Tijuana ahead of time to tour facilities and interview surgeons. I would also mention that my interview questions got me tossed out of one surgeon’s office.

Dr. Valenzuela was by far the most professional and transparent. She answered all of my questions and showed me her public records as well as a version of her patient notes redacted for privacy.

As far as my surgery. It went very well particularly considering my high BMI.”

Weight Loss Surgeries Offered by Dr. Valenzuela in Tijuana Mexico

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