Travelling to Tijuana, Mexico

Traveling to Tijuana, Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Traveling to Tijuana Mexico to undergo weight loss surgery couldn’t be easier. U.S. and Canadians can get quality bariatric surgery at affordable prices in Tijuana, Mexico.

Baja, Tijuana, Mexico
Baja, Tijuana, Mexico

Once you get to the San Diego (California, USA) International Airport, our driver will pick you up and transport you across the border. Our patient coordinator will greet you and arrange for your stay in Tijuana. Our center will assuage any fears or doubts you have. Our medical center is top-notch.

We have two coordinators in the hospital, one coordinator in the hotel, two drivers for local transportation, and tours. Our operation manager is available in case you need him

Hospital Patient Coordinators – Karla & Luis

From the second you arrive until the second you depart, Karla will be there to help you at every stage of your weight loss journey.11246034_1002501183100827_227081276008161854_n

  • We can accommodate one passenger for traveling.
  • Our Patient Coordinator will help you at nearly every step of your journey from Hospital procedure to make sure you’re comfortable at the hotel.
  • Our hospital staff will monitor your entire progress for the whole night.

San Diego Drivers (Inbound) – Victor & Willie

Victor_TJ_Driver (1)Victor is our bi-lingual driver who will pick you up on the American side (San Diego), and transport you to (Tijuana).

If you are flying to San Diego airport, the driver will arrange to pick you up at the airport and take you to Tijuana.

If you are driving, simply follow I-5 or I-805 south leading directly to the Mexican entry point at San Ysidro. Exit at the last U.S. exit and park on the US side. There are several parking places to park, such as border station parking. The driver will arrange to pick you up and take you to Tijuana.

San Diego Drivers (Outbound) – Arturo and his Team

On the day of your departure, MBC drivers take you across the border through the medical lane to have less wait time in line with the U.S.

Make sure your medication is out by you so the border police can see it. Once you cross the border, it takes about 20 to 25 min to get to the San Diego International airport.

If you are driving or flying home, it is advised to wear compression socks and walk & move around at least every one hour.

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