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Gastric Banding in Mexico (LAP-BAND)

Gastric Banding SurgeryDr. Louisiana Valenzuela is a qualified bariatric surgeon that has performed hundreds of Gastric Banding surgeries in Mexico. Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela is experienced with both the Lap-Band and the Realize Band.

What is Gastric Banding Surgery

Gastric Banding Surgery, also known as, adjustable gastric banding surgery is a restrictive weight loss surgery. Gastric Banding Surgery allows patients a less invasive, and completely reversible weight loss procedure that aids in weight loss. Gastric Banding Surgery is often known as the Lap-Band Surgery, which is a particular implant used in the gastric banding procedure. Another implant that also has FDA approval is the Realize Band.

Both implants accomplish the same goal: to restrict the upper portion of the stomach to aid in weight loss. By restricting the stomach, people will feel fuller faster and thus, patients will eat less.

Gastric Banding Surgery is the most popular bariatric surgery having been performed hundreds of thousands of times worldwide. With countless studies about the efficacy of Gastric Banding Surgery, adjustable gastric banding currently the safest bariatric surgery available.

Advantages of Gastric Banding Surgery

  • Gastric Bypass is the least invasive surgery, with laparoscopic capabilities.
  • No Malabsorption issues.
  • Can be adjusted to increase or decrease weight loss, or other issues.
  • It’s reversible and the least expensive bariatric surgery.
  • It’s a short procedure with quick recovery time.

How Lap Band in Mexico Works

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela has performed Lap-Band specifically hundreds of times and is capable of providing the surgery or revising Lap-Band to another bariatric surgery.

Why Gastric Band in Mexico?

Having Lap-Band surgery in Mexico is a great choice if you lack insurance and/or need a low-cost alternative to have the procedure. Traveling to Mexico to have bariatric surgery can be a scary thing, initially, but Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela is very attentive, competent, and kind. Contact us if you’re interested or have questions about the bariatric procedure.

Other Bariatric Surgeries Offered

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