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Mexico Sleeve Plication Surgery

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela can perform Gastric Sleeve Plication laparoscopically.

Gastric Plication, also known as gastric sleeve plication, is a reversible weight loss surgery that is similar to gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric Plication uses the same surgical technique as gastric sleeve surgery yet is very different.

How Gastric Plication Works

Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery

Using the restrictive technique, gastric sleeve plication reduces the stomach capacity by folding the stomach into itself with no-dissolvable sutures. The procedure is reversible unlike gastric sleeve, which can be seen as an advantage.

Although the studies suggesting the expected weight loss is comparable to gastric sleeve surgery, gastric plication is still a very new surgical procedure. Many patients will opt for the plication because the results are somewhat precarious or uncertain.

Undergoing Gastric Plication in Mexico

Despite the number of bariatric surgery centers in the United States and Mexico, only a handful of surgeons and facilities practice this surgery. Dr. Valenzuela and her team has experience with this surgery and charge just a fraction of the cost for gastric plication in the United States.

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Bariatric Procedures Offered by Dr. Valenzuela in Mexico

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