Weight Loss Surgery Helps the Entire Family

Weight Loss Surgery Helps the Entire Family

The Archives of Surgery continues to release new data offering up benefits for getting weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass. The newest is a study on how one family member getting the surgery helps the rest of the family become healthier as well. Among the results, were close family members also eating healthier and becoming more active following a parent or sibling who got the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure.

The Study

During this study, researchers looked at 35 people in total who had this specific gastric bypass procedure. Approximately half of the patients were under the age of 18. The study lasted for a year, where researchers looked at the family member’s weight, eating habits and lifestyles after the family member had the Roux-en-Y procedure. Each of the patients being evaluated lost approximately 100 pounds, as expected.

The Results

In addition to the family member getting surgery losing about 100 pounds or more, other family members lost an average of eight pounds. This is in addition to their healthier lifestyles. The results of the study show a positive impact on family members, including healthier behaviors, better eating and improved exercise. Close family members tend to jump on board and also eat less or healthier, as a result of their family member doing so. They also tend to participate in exercise together, which improves their physical fitness. As a result of these two important elements, relatives tend to lose weight automatically.

Positive Impact on Family Members

Approximately a year after the weight loss surgery was performed, the adults in the family had a lower chance of emotional overeating and better control over their eating. Children in the household were twice as likely to start following a healthier lifestyle, including more physical activity and less television watching. Through this study, researchers found a positive impact for family members and many more benefits than just the family member. By having the household members following the same diet and fitness routine, the patient who received the weight loss surgery also had an increase in long-term success, since they had a solid support system.

It is no mystery that when one person in the family starts making good lifestyle choices, others tend to follow. Whether it’s a halo effect, positive influence or simply because there are only certain food choices available, this study proves the benefits to weight loss surgery for the entire family.

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